Son of potters, Xavier Mañosa grew up surrounded by clay, lathes and furnaces. After studying industrial design and designing in Barcelona, he moved to Berlin where he had the idea for Apparatu. Apparatu is a studio, a family business and a pottery workshop based on self-production, a space being defined for each project, work that is between the world of crafts and industry. Box Pleat Lamp, Analog, material, manual production collides with programming and software-based digital design. Apparatu is a ceramic studio from Barcelona, creating loud and colourful ceramic products not unlike  the temper of its founder, Xavier Manosa. Berlin based product design studio Mashallah makes digitally created experimental clothing and products. After visiting each other in their workplaces it was clear that both studios had absolutely different approaches to design. Apparatu builds material objects organically, manually, using his hands; Mashallah  works digitally, programming and sculpting solely in a software environment. It was decided to keep it that way. All the information and communication that was produced during a two month collaboration was sent via fax. The digital data was sent to the fax and printed out analog, on the other side analog data was sent back and viewed digitally. Sketches, photos and even blueprints with construction manuals were sent back and forth until the final designs were built.


In cooperation with Marset


apparatu studio

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