Harald Gottschling

With his elevated couch named Highsolution Harald Gottschling invents a new type of furniture. With its large-scale surface, Highsolution offers a spot in space that allowes a barrier-free perspective into the sky and a distinctive view. It also isolates a specific experience of perception and can be compared to a stationary flying mode that perfectly serves the needs of the user, who is able to break away from his daily routine. The steel construction transforms the object into a well proportioned and sophisticated out door piece of furniture. Harald Gottschlings was co-founder of two highly innovative eyewearbrands. Since 2003 he workes as design director within the team comprehending Moritz Krueger, Philipp and Daniel Haffmans for MYKITA. Their passion and constant success have been rewarded with 14 international design awards such as the „Red Dot Design Award“ or the „IF Design Award“. The brand MYKITA stands for hand-crafted eyewear with an unmistakable signature both in shapes and in new technical solutions, produced with an aesthetic consistency. In 2011 Harald Gottschling is presenting his object called »Highsolution«. This steel construction unifies his interest in innovative design with his passion for aircrafts and bicycles. Harald Gottschling lives and works in Berlin.