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The press on the POETRY HAPPENS Exhibition

  • "L'invasione barbarica: La Poesie e la libertà proguettale dei designer berlinesi approdano a Milano per la Design Week. Le linee guida? Autoproduzione, sperimentazione e il fare con le mani." Cecilia Fabiani, Elle Decor mag, Italy
  • "Art, poetry and design mix in an exhibition curated by Werner Aisslinger, Tim Brauns and Fabien Dumas." Domus online, Italy -
  • "After a week’s reflection, The Moment ends its coverage of Milan’s design week with a look at a few more of our favorite things. At the “Poetry Happens” exhibition in Ventura Lambrate, Maria Volokhova, an artist born in Ukraine and based in Berlin, showed some of her strange and beautiful porcelain pieces, like Dolci Lacrime, a teapot that sprouts human legs." "The teapot  (...) typifies Ms. Volkhova's preoccupation with making things that are neither 'functional' nor 'art,' and with exploring our perceptions of the human body." Pilar Viladas, New York Times on Sunday, May 1 2011 and t-Moment Blog, USA -
  • "(...)Poetry Happens certainly provided a good mix of ideas, styles and approaches and did justice to design in Berlin and Berlin design." Minimum Blog, Germany -
  • "The exhibition ‘Poetry Happens’ will display the works of 15 designers for a specific purpose: allow for their peers, architects and artists to come together to express approaches and interpretations of works related to poetry." Lydia Parafianowicz , FRAME Online, Netherlands - Milan Preview #8: Poetry Happens
  • "The Dutch designer (by way of London's RCA, New York and now Madrid) Marre Moerel debuted "Food on the Table" a new collection of ceramic tableware and lighting at the Poetry Happens show in the Lambrate design district here in Milan. The pieces are cast directly from animal organs—cow hearts, pig intestines, sheep brains, bull testicles—and artfully immortalized as overhead lighting, plates, jugs and serving trays. I personally loved the hoof pendant light and the liver tray."  LinYee Yuan, core77, USA - Salone Milan 2011: Food on the Table, ceramics by Marre Moerel
  • "'tools table lamp' (...) a ready-made lighting object designed by berlin-based designer fabien dumas (...) is part of the 'poetry happens' exhibition at ventura lambrate during milan design week 2011. here, designers, architects and artists give their personal approach and interpretation of their work in relation to poetry." Designboom Blog, Italy - 
  • "Milan 2011: German designers Ett La Benn show these vases made of biodegradable cellulose as part of Poetry Happens at Ventura Lambrate in Milan this week." Darthblender Blog,
  • "Many works on display attested to an exploration of connections, such as those small, oft-neglected screws, wires and adhesives that hold an object together. Back in 2009, Jerszey Seymour presented his "Workshop Chair"; it boasted a backrest, legs and armrests connected by means of blobs of wax. Hardly surprisingly he was involved in the exhibition "Poetry Happens" at Lambrate." Stylepark, Germany -
  • "Staged in Ventura Lambrate during Milan's design week last month, Poetry Happens! aimed to showcase the high standard of design currently emerging from Berlin." homebuildlife-Blog from WGSN, UK -


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