Studio Makkink & Bey

In Dutch design studio Makkink & Bey (Rianne Makkink & Jurgen Bey)’s world, design is a narrative based process. Exclusively for gallery HELMRINDERKNECHT Studio Makkink & Bey has created a site-specific walk through the three- dimensional landscape of a rural village. Mohair woollen blankets hanging on a clothesline give shape to the space and divide it. Individually woven patterns and lines become a house’s exterior walls or reflect the imagery of the surrounding landscape.  The installation “WashHouse” traces our sensual and experiential perception of private and public spaces. Woollen blankets are the design objects through which space is defined, with inner and outer mirroring one another. Like houses, woollen blankets offer human beings protection and shelter. Taking care of warmth and security, they are roofs over our heads and tuck us comfortably in. Both roof and blanket enable and create private, protected moments.  The "WashHouse" project also includes a small series of wooden furniture to store and pile the blankets. A folded blanket put on the top of the seat turns the simple WH stool into a comfortable seat object, whilst the WH cabinet with its open see-through structure provides space to pile the folded blankets on its shelfs. Also the WH desk with its accompanying chair provides space to pile up to two folded blankets. Stool as well as cabinet and desk are a contemporary interpretation of a both multifunctional and practical home furniture. All blankets are two-sided and woven with two different colours. There are a total of five patterns and ten colour combinations. The blankets are limited to 20 pieces of each colour combination. WashHouse furniture and blankets are exclusively available at HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery.


Courtesy of HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design and Studio Makkink & Bey